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With so many glass types available on the market in current times, manufacturing sealed units is not like it use to be. A decade ago, customers were limited to a choice of very basic products, now there are multiple glass manufacturers bringing out new glass products on a regular basis. As technology progresses, glass is becoming a multi-functional material that not only provides a protective barrier whilst allowing light through, but can provide thermal insulation, deflect uv rays, reduce noise levels, provide privacy and security, and even clean itself! The list goes on, but all the well known brands are stocked by Topline, and if not can be ordered in from a specialist supplier. For more information, please get in touch.

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Low Iron WER's and U-Values

In recent years changes to Building Regulations has meant that all new work must achieve an A-C rating.

Window Energy Rating (WER) system follows a similar rainbow label that consumers are familiar with on white goods, easily understanding the level of thermal performance for their new windows.

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A - Rated Glazing Explained...

WER's and U-Values


Other Products Processed Glass

Decorative and Processed Glass

As well as sealed units, Topline are able to supply a range of decorative glass products with most work carried out in-house. Decorative leaded units, glass splashbacks, mirrors, table tops and shelving are just some of the porducts we can supply.

More>> Super Slim Heritage Units

Super-slim ‘Heritage’ Units

From one end of the scale to the other, Topline can also manufacture super-slim ‘Heritage’ units. With a reduced sightline and super-slim profile, these units are designed for old sash windows and create the look of single glass. Find out more about the production of our ‘Heritage’ units...

More>> Duplex and Georgian Inertnal Bars

Duplex and Georgian Internal Bars

A large percentage of the units we manufacture require either duplex or Georgian internal bars . We employ skilled and experienced technicians to assemble these grids to your exact measurements. These bars are used to create the look of small individual panes within one larger unit.


Single Glass and Stock Sheets

Single Glass and Stock Sheets

Double and Triple Glazed Units

Double and Triple Glazing

Textured and Obscure Glass

Textured and Obscure Glass Duplex and Georgian Inertnal Bars

Duplex and Georgian Bars

Processed Glass

Processed Glass

Oversized and Structural Units

Oversized and Structural Units

Super Slim Heritage Units

Super-slim ‘Heritage’ Units

Units with Integral Blinds

Units with Integral Blinds

Fire Rated Glazing

Fire Rated Glazing

WER’s and U-Values

WER's and U-Values


NEW: Glazing Bars and Sheets

Glazing Bars and Sheets